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At LeslieJames Events, we know that you cherish each and every fleeting moment. Nothing is more important than time spent with your loved ones as you make memories to last a lifetime. We know that you’re willing and able to do it all, because you already do and always have. You support your friends and family, pursue your passions, slay all day, and do everything with a giggle and a smile.

The truth is that life doesn’t always go as planned. Your plate is full, and although you’re armed with a sense of humor and a heart of gold, the stress and frustration of planning an event can take away from what’s really important: celebrating this magical, wonderful, imperfectly perfect life.

That’s where we come in — making magic from the imperfectly perfect.

We believe in hugs. We believe in finding joy in the simple things and rolling with the punches. We believe that to grow where you’re planted, you need to be nurtured. We believe in the power of tradition. We believe in telling stories while inspiring new ones. Because in this imperfectly perfect life, each magical moment should become a lasting memory.

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As a kid, my mom and dad went out of their way to make every holiday feel like the most magical day of the year. When Thanksgiving arrived, our house was constantly full of family and friends, not to mention two turkeys and endless goodies that lasted all weekend long. By Christmas time, we were decked out in matching holiday pajamas. My sister still talks about the English muffin pizzas that quickly became a birthday tradition. Our parents planned a lot, and no stone was left unturned.

As I got older, life naturally got harder. The memories began to fade, and no matter how much I tried to hang onto it, that magic became more distant with each passing day. When I lost my mom, holidays instead became a reminder of her absence. I stumbled into a career in corporate finance, and no matter how much success I found, I still wasn’t fulfilled. Not only had I lost my best friend, but I’d also lost myself.

The years went by, and soon I realized that the magic I thought I’d lost was fighting its way back into my life. I suddenly found myself planning parties, organizing corporate events, and even helping my friends with their wedding details. There was a light trying to break through, and all I had to do was let it out.

I quickly discovered that what gives me real joy is making others happy — creating magical memories the same way my parents did for me.

So I embraced the light. I left my corporate job, followed my passion, and gave myself permission to find happiness in helping others. A namesake for my mom and dad, LeslieJames Events was born.

Now, I want to help YOU create magical memories of your own. No matter if that means making English muffin pizzas or walking down the aisle — we’ll create the magic together.




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Leading up to the big day, I found myself consumed by all of the details of wedding planning. My fiancé and I both have full-time jobs and family obligations, so achieving our dream wedding seemed impossible. That’s when Kelly stepped in! She took care of all of the details, from flowers and invitations to organizing the seating chart and securing doves, and even helped us write our vows. She really thought of everything and allowed my fiancé and I to enjoy our last few months of being engaged without all of the added stress.
— Cindy DiCicco Plourde
Having a planner allowed me the freedom to focus on my guests and not get swept away by the details. It was like I was a guest at my own event! [...] Kelly was always one step ahead of me, almost anticipating exactly what I needed each step of the way...Honestly, it was complete liberation.
— Kimberly Napier
I have worked with many florists over the years, but with Kelly have found my designer. Every time she designs for me, she brings something new, fresh and beautiful into my life and home. Her questions about my needs and loving attention to detail mean every arrangement is, quite literally, perfect. If you’re in search of hassle-free, affordable elegance, Kelly cannot be surpassed.
— Julie Davidson
Having the flowers delivered right to the venue allowed me to focus on all the other tasks that needed to get done. Working with Kelly was effortless — communication was top notch and her creativity shone through in her work. I wouldn’t hesitate to call upon her again when I need any kind of special floral arrangement.
— Wendi Dellemonico
Kelly is an amazing event planner and is so easy to work with! From helping with decisions about venues, menus, and logistics down to the intricate details that make the event successful, Kelly is the consummate professional. She took the time to add special touches to my celebration that I never would have thought of, making it more magical, special, and memorable than I could have imagined.
— Tracey Lukes